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crisis management
Every organization has its moments of hardships. Through proper preparations not only can the effects of unforeseen complications and crisis situations be minimized, but such scenarios can often be prevented from happening at all. Our agency assists in minimizing damages related to a crisis situation with the aid of communicational tools and participates in arranging the most favorable environment with the passing of the crisis. The meter of our success is the number of crises that never occurred and the crises handled with careful planning and positive results.
event management
The synchronization of the content of a message and the mode of delivery often becomes a pivotal question when it comes to the organization of an event. Successful events are the source of immediate entertainment and information and also of closer business and professional relations in the long run. Regular event participants know very well that a new concept must be created every time to make OUR event stand out in this competitive environment. PeppeR strives to create events that fit our clients' needs the most and implement those at the highest level of quality.
Motion picture and sound are capable of capturing the atmosphere and happenings of an event and also of depicting planned or desired things not yet existing. If it is true that a picture tells a thousand words than a film tells the amount many times over. Our agency undertakes the production of traditional films and ones comprised of every existing multimedia tool to depict the operation of an organization, its values and co-workers or try to find partners for an initiative.
Given the current job market environment quality HR communication is a must for organizations. A company's most significant asset is the knowledge and devotion of its employees. Their support and reassurance is a priority. Through HR PR tools a company can create its employment brand, improve its reputation, build trust in future employees and strengthen the loyalty of its employees. Our agency surveys features of employee communications, devises and supports internal communications based on the findings.
image design
A company's image is its impersonisation. An image should basically reflect the characteristics a company feels its own. A good image derives from the inner values of the company. Our agency helps measure and research existing images to find their values and evaluate the differences between the actual image and the one sought to then create or redesign the company's image, produce image carriers and maintain the company’s personality.
integrated communications
1+1+1+1=6. Synchronization of communicational tools multiplies the efficiency of the individual tools. Today's cost and efficiency oriented world gives a special emphasis to integrated communications. Among the tools of integrated communications that are based on joint research and agenda setting PR plays a key role due to its strategic way of thinking. Our agency has proved, through numerous complex projects that it is capable of coordinating the various branches of communications, and synchronize their tools in the way most fitting for the client.
internal communications
Efficient flow of information is the cornerstone of every successful organization. Malfunctions of this flow may result in the lack of loyalty, a high rate of fluctuation or leaves or the unfavorable external judgment of the company. PeppeR helps its clients survey their complex communications system to improve the efficiency of information flow and renew their decision-making process.
issues management
Every organization is in frequent interaction with its environment. Social, economical, regulatory and cultural changes have an effect on the organizations' operation. It is vital for every organization to constantly analyze trends, weigh issues affecting the company and its environment and prepare for the consequent challenges. According to client request PeppeR monitors professional and social changes, assists in the assessment of arising challenges, supports the leverage of new opportunities and contributes to risk reduction.
marketing PR
PR is capable of assisting the direct sales of a service or a product. This can be realized through strengthening customer relations, publicity opportunities and the non-advertisement involvement of the press. Marketing PR plays an important role in the case of products and services linked to interesting, technically complicated articles or social issues. PeppeR is capable of generating news in these issues that raise the awareness of the customers and the media.
media monitoring, evaluation
It is important to know about the media coverage of our company, our competitors, the different branches and sectors of industry. It is even more important to measure and check the efficiency of various messages and the success of media events. Through continuous media monitoring, evaluation and processing of feedback important conclusion may be reached. Whether it is tracking the media coverage of an event or the continuous, complex evaluation of articles within an industry our agency has solutions for all.
media relations
Within a media strategy tailored to the individual goals of an organization PeppeR through its long-established relations with representatives of the media devises and maintains the most beneficial means of communication, the oral and written forms of relationships, organizes and coordinates unique press events, prepares leaders of a company for public appearances, monitors, systematically collects and evaluates clippings and broadcasts that are of interest to the client.
non-profit PR
Although the goals and tools of non-profit PR diverge from that of the profit oriented businesses, they have to meet the same efficiency criteria. They must reflect the goals of the given institute or foundation and assist in achieving those. Non-profit PR must also wrestle a media environment unjustly ignorant of this area. Our agency is capable of implementing non-profit PR campaigns, driving individuals and organizations to identify with and participate in social issues.
online PR
It has become a fact: there is no corporate communication without the Internet. However, the Internet is not an alternative to everything. Online PR now has its concrete position among communicational tools. Facets of this virtual net, its speed, interactivity and visuality can be used to strengthen a corporate image, however, misusage yield the opposite effect. PeppeR undertakes web image design, efficiency survey of current online features, maintenance, production of newsletters, construction and operation of press rooms and the integration of online communications into a corporate system.
Often times the most efficient form of informing about the activities of an organization, the advantages of a new product or the achievements of a foundation is a publication. The goal of publications is to set forth an important subject for a set group of partners in a form that reflects the organization's characteristics. Whether it's a one-time or a regular publication our agency undertakes conceptual planning, graphical and content design, drafting, illustration and full service production.
There are many things to sponsor. A mutually beneficial sponsorship, however, has precisely set criteria. We have experience in various fields of sponsorship and can take an active part in the drafting of sponsorship policy and the implementation thereof. Our agency's priority is to see that the sponsorship has a tangible positive effect on the judgement of the client.
strategic consulting
Empathy, professional experience, widespread knowledge of industry sectors, analysis and synthesis skills. These attributes qualify our consultants to be partners of our clients in preparing, making and communicating strategic decisions. Whether it is a product launch, organizational restructuring or the consequences of EU accession we are capable of providing consultation based on facts.
It's all right to make mistakes, just don't make them at the wrong point in time. Our communicational and media trainings help participants master all the theoretical and practical knowledge essential for successful public appearances. Whether it is a board meeting, a press conference or an opening remark in a critical situation behavior, reaction, clothing or gestures of the key figure often time relays more than the uttered information. Participants of our agency's trainings will be capable of finding the efficient means of communication in the toughest of situations.
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