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24-11-2004 electronics /Flextronics source: Pepper
Stockholm, Sweden, November 22, 2004-Flextronics Network Services, a business unit of Flextronics (NASDAQ: FLEX) and a global independent leader in multivendor network services, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Ukrainian Mobile Communications (UMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (NYSE: MBT) and the Ukraine's leading mobile communication operator. As part of the agreement, Flextronics Network Services will become the main contractor for the rollout, expansion, and maintenance of UMC's GSM network throughout Ukraine.
  This is a significant engagement as UMC serves more that six million customers. The company's GSM network occupies 85% of Ukraine's territory, where 91% of population lives. Through the agreement, Flextronics will perform nearly 70% of the construction for UMC's GSM network, involving roughly 1,800 GSM sites. "We're delighted by the opportunity to work with Flextronics Network Services, an experienced and reputable leader in the network services industry," said Eric Franke, General Director of UMC. "I firmly believe that our partnership will allow us to optimize site construction as well as improve overall quality." "The agreement with Flextronics Network Services makes it easier for us to execute on our 'Let's Make Ukraine Mobile' expansion program," added Franke. Sergey Bubka, the Olympic champion and legend of Ukrainian sports, has become the face of the program. "By partnering with Flextronics Network Services, UMC can utilize the advantages of having just one interface on the project, instead of hundreds. By letting us handle the majority of onsite services, UMC can focus on delivering its competitive and broad service offerings to end customers," said Ronny Nilsson, Global President at Flextronics Network Services headquarters in Sweden. Flextronics Network Services also announced today that it has established the headquarters for its Ukrainian subsidiary in Kiev and its regional offices in other strategic locations throughout Ukraine. About Flextronics Network Services Flextronics Network Services, a business unit of Flextronics, is a global independent leader in multivendor network services. With a broad range of on-site network and field services for fixed and mobile operators and systems vendors, Flextronics Network Services constructs, installs and maintains data-and telecom networks for many of the world's largest operators, equipment vendors, and enterprise customers. Flextronics Network Services has established a leading position in the global marketplace as a valued supplier of IT and communication technologies, as well as advanced 3G services. For more information, please visit

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