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First group of Hungarian scholarship fellows travel to the USA in October
23-09-2004 finance/MAVA - Hungarian American Enterprise Fund source: PeppeR
The applications for scholarships at HAESF have been judged. According to the decision within the frame of two different programs altogether 20 Hungarian students and specialists can travel this October to be trained and have the possibility to develop their knowledge for one year maximum in the United States. The aim of these programs is to help the professional development of the scholarship fellows, exchange the obtained knowledge and experiences between Hungarian and American specialists and its further intention is to create a closer relationship between Hungary and the United States.
  The Hungarian-American Scholarship Foundation (HAESF) is a newly created non-profit corporation in Delaware established by the Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund (HAEF), with the approval and support of the U.S. Government to receive a portion of investment proceeds recouped from exited HAEF investments. It is managed separately from HAEF by its own Board of Directors, initially comprised of three HAEF Board Members. According to the original concept the Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships for a wide spectrum, 39 applications arrived altogether from social- and natural science, classical domain and arts, business and medical science. "The number of applications show that HAESF is filling in a gap among scholarships, since, in accordance with the original concept, it is a program dedicated to professionals. We announced this opportunity through a large campaign so that not only universities, ministries and research institutes receive news of the foundations initiatives but through ads, references and links in journals and internet portals, students and professionals could also be reached" - observed HAESF executive director, Elizabeth Simon. Within the frame of the 'Senior Scholars and Leaders Fellowship' program, which gives up to US$50,000 financial assistance, the winner specialists are allowed to research a selected domain they didn’t have possibility to research in Hungary for lack of appropriate technical and financial background. "Beside individual development the program’s advantage is that it ties the relationship between the two nations closer. "Surely the specialists can make good use of their knowledge - in leadership - in Hungary later. This is one of the principal aims of the program."- summarized Péter Ákos Bod, the president of board of trustees The Graduating Student Internship Program will grant stipends of approximately US$25,000 for Hungarian university students. This is a possibility to get valuable work experience that is precious little chance in Hungary. "We are especially proud that we were able to place our scholars at the companies most desired by the applicants. We send students to NASA, the Boston Consulting Group or Graphisoft as well, where they will be able to start their one-year long professional practice this October." "Although further funding depends upon the future income of HAEF and the success of current the programs, we would like to run the above-mentioned two programs as long-term scholarships. We will accept applications twice a year, with October 1 and April 1 deadlines." - explained the future plans HAESF executive director, Elizabeth Simon. More information about the applications and other possibilities by HAESF are available on website.

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