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25th November: The Anti-Enuresis Day
24-11-2003 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
25th November is the day of Alexandrian Saint Catherine. It hasn’t been well-known that Saint Catherine is not only the patron of hospitals and patients but supporter of the bedwetters, as well.
  When a more than 5-year-old child unintendedly wets his/her bed during the night is called bedwetting (enuresis nocturnal). Enuresis is the second most frequent disease of children after asthma in Hungary. From now on Dry Nights Foundation, dealing with the treatment of bedwetting, is going to commemorate of this day annually. “By focusing on this day we would like to raise attention to this disease of which many people do not know or do not want to know about." - declared Dr. László Szabó - president of the Foundation. All communication activities of the Foundation are organised by our Agency.
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