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Hungary based TARGET opens new office in Poland
05-02-2004 HR services/Target source: PeppeR
TARGET Executive Search Group that started its operation in Hungary in 1994, opened its new office in Poland on 2 February 2004. The company providing headhunting and personnel consulting services to its mainly international clients, established offices in the past ten years in the capitals of Central European countries. Today TARGET provides headhunting services in Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Romania and now also in Poland.
  "We are specialized in Executive Search in the Central European region, are familiar with the peculiarities of the requirements, demands and expectations set up by the employers in these countries and now have over 15 years of experience in the emerging markets of Central Europe. During the past two years several Polish projects were directed from Hungary as a 'cross-border' search. A Polish office was needed to be established as part of our strategic plans and also in order to meet the ongoing request from our international clients and serve them in Poland. The new office operates in Warsaw and provides services all over the country" says, Dr. Klemens Wersonig co-founder of TARGET Hungária. TARGET Hungária was founded by two Austrian managers; Dr. Klemens Wersonig and Dr. Paul Binder. Local management experience and total client orientation are the major factors of success. TARGET Hungária is one of only 3 companies that actually increased turnover in the "recruitment crisis year" 2002 among the Top 10 Executive Search companies in Hungary. The recently closed year 2003 shows a further increase with an income of 117 Mio HUF and more than 40 successful management placements in Hungary alone. TARGET is a significant player both on the Hungarian and the regional headhunting scene. Hungary is the headquarter of the group and provides the biggest revenue share. With the opening of the Polish office and the further growth prospect in certain countries, the group turnover will continue to grow significantly. In 2003 the TARGET Group turnover grew already by over 50% on an annual basis. Major clients include IBM, Flextronics, RWE Group and Holcim. According to Adrienn Benei, managing director of TARGET Hungária and managing consultant of TARGET Poland, ever since its foundation TARGET has experienced a steady growth and an outstanding track record in Central Europe. "It is our innovative and systematic headhunting method that makes us different and leads to the success of our professional recruitment services. Once we win a client, from then onwards we work with them on a regular basis." "Comparing the Central European countries where TARGET operates, no significant differences can be considered on the labour market from the point of human resources, however the local in-depth cultural knowledge is crucial." - emphasized Ms. Benei. The offers and the requirements regarding the skills, abilities or other qualities of candidates, are very similar. The legal regulations of the countries can be considered as different in this region. Also cultural sensitivity for local requirements is a major success factor for a good headhunter in Central Europe. As for the comparison of EU countries and the newly joining EU members, there are great differences to be noticed. In Central Europe there is still a big demand for talented managers. The economy and careers grow much faster here than in the EU or in Western-European countries. Moreover the Central European managers are much younger, often by 10 years, than their colleagues in the West. "After the establishment and opening of our Polish office we hope that we can also serve our clients in Poland as successfully as in our other offices so far and that our new partners will really appreciate the difference in our services." - summarizes her views Adrienn Benei the start-up manager of TARGET Poland.
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