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New online game to help education on bedwetting
09-03-2004 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
One of the most troublesome points in treating bedwetting is to gain the trust of affected children and their parents. Due to the shameful approach around this illness, from the 90 000 bedwetters only a few thousand children go to the doctor. The Good Night Game is an interactive online game for children and their parents on the website of the Dry Nights Foundation (
  The game is simple: children and parents play as a team. Taking turns, they answer the questions alternately and test their knowledge on the subject of bedwetting in a playful manner. This helps to demolish the walls built in kids' mind because of this illness. "They realise that they are not alone with this problem, they learn about the causes as well as about the treatment of bedwetting. In other words: they have taken the first step towards success, towards recovery" - says dr. Laszlo Szabo, the president of the Foundation.
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