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Don't let bedwetting disturb the long-awaited holidays
26-05-2004 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) often forces kids to despair of summer vacation: due to their illness seen as shameful and covert, they choose to spend the holidays at home. Dry Nights Foundation's ( aim is to attract parents' attention to the importance of curing enuresis. Although bedwetting can be treated, many parents mistakenly wait the symptoms just pass away.
  However, for those, who are afraid of travelling to camps, there is still chance for leisure and recreation: the so-called Enuresis-camp will be organised 6th time this year. Enuresis camp offers brand new experience for those who, because of their everynight-symptoms, are usually 'expelled' from the camps. On the programmes, organised during the one-week-holiday, kids realise that they are not alone with their problem, which helps them to overcome the illness.
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