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Hiding patients or under-diagnosed illness?
04-11-2003 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
According to surveys, every sixth child who is suffering from bedwetting (enuresis nocturnal) visits a doctor - turned out on the international conference held on Monor (Pest County).
  Central and Eastern European experiences show common problems: treatment of this illness is impeded in many cases by the parents' (or what is worse: by doctors') misunderstanding of enuresis that is bedwetting is considered to be a psychological problem, although this can cause illness in the lowest percentage of the cases. That is why it is really important to widen awareness about enuresis: Czech Republic is good at e-treatment (information through the internet), while Poland is better in school-program (information in schools). In Hungary, informational activities are coordinated by the Dry Nights Foundation, with operating 32 Enuresis Centers, mobile info-line (06-20/478-53-30) as well as an internet-site (
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