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Thousands of children cannot enjoy vacation because of bedwetting
20-05-2003 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
For nearly 90.000 children suffering from bedwetting the summer holiday is a problem. The "Száraz éjszakák, derűs nappalok" Foundation processes with the information campaign so that those children can also enjoy the summer.
  Nightly bedwetting (enuresis nocturna) The nightly bedwetting means an unwanted bedwetting for children at the age of 5 and above. Unwanted bedwetting is the second most common child disease after the asthma. It affects 90,000 children and their families in Hungary. It means that there is hardly any elementary school where it wouldn't be a problem in every classes. The most common reason that causes this illness is the disorder of the urine controlling system, the disease of the bladder innervation and urethral inflammations. Lost summer holidays Bedwetting does not only mean a problem during the school terms. These children do not like to sleep in other places than at home and do not participate in school programs, summer camping. This will be the major reason for children's social problems: they will not socialise easily, in more severe cases they suffer from serious psychic problems: children's self esteem will be damaged but with appropriate cure this illness can be healed. Advises for the summer The most important: parents should not wait for the problem to be resolved 'by itself'. Ask the paediatrician’s help, visit the nephrology general practice. It is a common mistake that parents do not let their children to summer holiday programs that will increase the children's feeling shame. These are programs where the chance of bedwetting could be decreased significantly. Because of the new environment, new experiences children do not sleep that deep so it is more likely that they will wake up before the bedwetting could happen. In cases where medication is used, increasing the daily dose would be also successful. For years now special camps are organised for children suffering from bedwetting where specialists, doctors can help them to handle and heal this illness. "Száraz éjszakák, derűs nappalok" Foundation Summer Informing Campaign The "Száraz éjszakák, derűs nappalok" Foundation helps from March families affected by this problem with useful informations. During this period we achieved that parents know more about this illness and the number of people contacting the enuresis centres has significantly increased. Before the summer, the Foundation starts an even more intense campaign so that enuresis children can have a happy holiday. On May 25, on Children's Day in Budapest, Szeged, Szombathely, Eger and Szekszárd, with the help of local organisers, jumping castles will be set up for the children, parents will be able to consult specialists and obtain more information about this illness. The Foundation has reached nearly 300 elementary schools in Hungary with its informative brochures. The web page of the Foundation is renewed with wider contents:, and Also the 06-20/478-53-30- mobile info line is alive daily between 9:00-16:00 National research with the help of sponsors Despite of the Foundation hard works, many children suffering from enuresis never meets a specialist. In order to reach even more families we need to carry out a thorough research. To realise it Ferring GmbH Hungarian representative is giving help. The company operating in Hungary for 10 years helps prostate cancer problems and artificial insemination with its high quality product.
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