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Nationwide campaign against bedwetting in elementary schools
16-04-2004 healthcare/Dry Nights Foundation source: PeppeR
According to surveys, in every elementary class there is at least one student suffering from bedwetting (enuresis nocturna).
  As part of its information activity, Dry Nights Foundation has posted brochures for all elementary schools in Hungary about the causes and the treatment of the illness. On the basis of the leaflets teachers can attract parents’ attention to the importance of curing this disease. If there is an interest from parents’ side, the Foundation organises lectures with participation of doctors who specialise in curing enuresis (nephrologists, urologists). In the first weeks following the delivery, almost a hundred schools responded to the Foundation’s letter. The number of required additional brochures is near to 2.000. The campaign organised by PeppeR enjoys the moral support of the Ministry of Education. Based on the feedback from parents, the Foundation launched its Success Club, aimed to provide personal attendance and care for those suffering from enuresis. Club meetings (where parents and children take part together) offer possibility to exchange experience, to seek personal medical counselling and playing for the kids.
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