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Business knowledge flows to Budapest in June
25-02-2003 education/Insead source: PeppeR
INSEAD, one of the world’s largest and most influential top-tier business school, will hold a professional programme in Central Europe for the first time. Taking place the 2-6 June in Budapest, the "Business-to-Business" (B2B) marketing strategy programme will allow mastering internationally acknowledged, latest methods of the field for managers from Hungary and the region.
  INSEAD, one of the world’s most acknowledged top-tier business schools will hold its first programme in the region. With this step, INSEAD - established in Fontainebleau, France in the 1950’s, followed by the creation of the Asia Campus in Singapore in 2000 - makes a significant step towards the Central-European region. By having Budapest host one of its management programs, INSEAD approaches a region currently being "upgraded" due to nearby EU accession. The fame of the business school is rooted in its intellectual innovation and practical faith in multicultural diversity. Therefore, the programme serves as an essential tool for managers to develop skills to become well-informed, globally competent and efficient decision makers. The Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing Strategy programme covers the field of marketing products and services to companies and organizations, not for the consumers. During the last years, the importance of B2B marketing has been rising continuously, due to the growing competitiveness of the environment, increasing cost sensitivity, higher complexity of decision making processes and the increasing technical content of products and services. This programme offers relevant knowledge for the product, marketing and general managers to be able to perform successfully under these critical conditions. The method of the 1-week programme lies in the INDUSTRAT simulation environment. The simulation has been developed 9 years ago by 2 INSEAD professors. Since then the programme has become a key element of B2B programmes all over the world. Each participant acts as a member of a management team, involved in strategic marketing decisions, competing with other teams. This allows for testing performance of decision-making, concentration, teamwork and market monitoring, all evolving at the same time. The simulation is accompanied by evaluation of case studies as well as presentations. INSEAD designed its English language regional programme for seasoned executives, who already have significant marketing management experience but wish to improve their skills and knowledge in this field. The seminar is led by Prof. Miklos Sarvary, Associate Professor of Marketing at INSEAD (previously at Harvard and Stanford Business Schools). Custwell Management Consultancy has an important role in establishing the first such INSEAD programme in Hungary. Hosting of the successful B2B Marketing Strategy programme - developed in France, successfully introduced in Western Europe, United States and Asia - can be a new element in turning Hungary into a knowledge centre of the Central-Eastern-European region.
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