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Slating teeth, slating sails
25-07-2014 finance/Admiral Markets source: PeppeR PR
Sailing and trading can be both learned from the Blue Ribbon category winners This year's Blue Ribbon - Audi Grand Prix was attended by 522 yachts. The TEAM Admiral Markets - Avatar finished in the absolute 10th position, while it won its own category of the traditional monohull yachts. Amid stormy winds and demanding conditions, the yacht has been led by its builder, Géza Soponyai, and sponsored by the online trading Admiral Markets, finished the race with success.
  "This year finally we had winds we have always longed for." - said Géza Soponyai, builder of the yacht. "The strong winds finally made our yacht sail at its best. I tell this, in spite of the big "genakker" breaking, and which could be lifted from the waters only through the strained efforts of 10 of our crew. The mainsail also suffered a lot, the “latnis” have broken but we managed to solve this as well. Since 2008, this has been the first time we managed to finish the race in daylight, in fact, hardly 20 minutes were missing to break the previous race record. We won the category of the traditional monohull yachts, and finished 10th in overall, of which we are very proud." The race brought its excitements, as the early fresh winds turned into a cold weather spell, bringing winds up to 50-60 kms/h. The yacht reached the first buoy at Kenese on the 6th place, keeping the liberas and the catamarans at grip. At the Siófok buoy Avatar was 8th, and then in the Western Bay the great finish started to which it turned on the 11th position. (Photos of the yacht are available here). "Though the yacht has been built specifically for the Blue Ribbon races and therefore, in its 6th year, we did not face any major surprise, obviously this race meant hard work for us. From the mainland it is hard to imagine what feeling it is to work on the top of the mast at a height of 6-7 floors, to drag the genakker out of the water, or, as in the second part of the race, fight for each meter in pouring rain and strong winds. In these times, cold gets into your bones and you fight nature and fatigue with slating teeth." - commented Géza Soponyai. "We are happy that the cooperation between Admiral Markets and Avatar continues successfully this year." - took over Viktor Pósa. "We are proud to team up with the crew of a Hungarian built yacht and to support a captain and crew committed to Balaton and the sailing here. The conclusion of this year’s race is that only well coordinated team work leads to success. Individual competence, commitment and helping each other needs to go hand in hand." - said Viktor Pósa, Hungarian partner of Admiral Markets. "We would like to share the experience and the fun of sailing with everyone and offer the chance to learn sailing from the Blue Ribbon category winning team. This is why we announce our Sailing and Trading Camp in August. The Camp is much more than learning about sailing, as it offers the participants, beside learning the tricks of handling water and wind, to learn about investments and stock exchange as well. We are convinced that this combination offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best." - concluded Viktor Pósa.

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