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Much easier to recruit a financial director than an assistant to a CEO
16-12-2013 HR services/JobGroup source: PeppeR PR
Hungarian owned HR service provider, JobGroup is expecting to close another successful year. Following a turnover of over 1 billion forints in 2012, the company managed to grow its revenue further and consolidate its market position in 2013. "We have a dynamic year behind us" - comments Attila Dobár, managing partner of JobGroup. "We expected revitalisation of the workforce market as well as the fast expansion of mobile and digital technologies in recruitment and employer brand building alike. Also, we anticipated a growing number of people with disabilities appearing on the job market. During the year, most of our expectations have become true." - sums up Dobár.
  Through their trainings JobGroup underlines the importance of responsibility. The company puts special emphasis on the internalisation of attitudes that are especially important for finding and keeping one's job. "Companies look for attitude, not only qualifications. That is why finding a financial director takes half as long as recruiting a good assistant to the CEO. Applicants need to be aware that companies search for open, adaptive, positive personalities. Companies know well that only the team-minded, proactive and flexible people can be expected to take their share of work in dire times." - explains Attila Dobár.

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