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Shared service centers also need employer branding
26-11-2013 HR services/JobGroup source: PeppeR PR
Shared service centers in Hungary face a strange situation: in spite of offering high quality work, outstanding working conditions and attractive packages, they have difficulties in attracting people with the right qualifications. Currently these companies employ over 25.000 people but to step further they need to build their brand consistently. "Talking to the candidates we hear about a number of fears." - explains László Hadi, managing director of BrandJob, the employer brand arm of JobGroup. "Some of them worry about monotony, others are afraid of being the whole day in front of the screen or on the phone. Again, others voice their concerns of lacking perspective in such a job. All in all, most of the stories simply refer to lack of proper information" - claims Hadi.
  In a piece of research of TMP Worldwide - the Hungarian affiliate of which is actually BrandJob - 54% of the 512 HR managers claimed building the employer brand among their most important responsibilities. 35% of them believed that proper branding decreases fluctuation, 45% claimed that workforce dedication can be partially attributed to employer branding while 58% agreed that the process also helped better internal understanding of the perception of the company. "Shared service centers in Hungary should go for a better definition of their internal values and identification of points of differentiation against the competition. Once that is done and they can clearly spell out who they are they will have an easier task in attracting the highest number of qualified talent to their company." - explains Hadi.

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