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Talent-management overseas and at home
20-05-2003 HR services/Hewitt Inside source: PeppeR
"It is not enough to find talents but they have to be attended specially." This could be the overall conclusion of the survey that had been conducted in the United States by one the leading HR Consulting Companies called Hewitt Associates. Even in Hungary, it tends to become important to manage talents; according to the 59 % of HR experts their companies struggle with lack of talents, nevertheless, the concept-based talent-management is not characteristic.
  The experts of Hewitt state that the search and support of talent employees takes a lot of time and energy, nevertheless, research shows that the invested capital return. The tendency which more and more prevails is that due to lack of time they hunt for talented managers not outside of the company, but inside. In Hungary, obtaining and keeping of talents is a relevant question, this fact can be supported by the results of the Best Workplace 2002 survey that shows: for the majority of the HR experts the primary HR objective is getting and keeping talented employees for the present and for the future. 59 per cent of the HR experts feel/sense that their company has a hard time because of lacking experts and 93 per cent of them declared that they pay attention to the identification of talented and outstandingly performing employees. Our agency is providing media communication services to Hewitt Inside.
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