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Schöpf-Mérei Ágost Hospital receives new medical equipment donated in the framework of the program "Matáv Gives Back"
03-05-2004 telecommunications/Magyar Telekom (korábban: Matáv) source: Pepper
In spite of the fact that cervical cancer diagnosed in time can be cured, around six hundred women die in Hungary of this disease each year. As a result of the HUF 2.5 million donated under the corporate social responsibility program "Matáv Gives Back", Schöpf-Mérei Ágost Hospital received a video-colposcope, an instrument that identifies pathological changes with a high rate of certainty.
  Women above 40 constitute the group most seriously endangered by cervical cancer; this illness caused the death of 700 women in Hungary in 2002. The most important factor in screening cervical cancer cases is regular, annual gynecological and/or cytological examination. Patients diagnosed with an early stage of cervical cancer and receiving appropriate treatment have a 100% survival chance. Women not participating in regular examinations have a nearly three times higher probability of developing cancer. "Hungarian doctors and institutions are ready to perform the screening, but it takes two to accomplish these: the patients must actually go to the examination" - this is how the importance of women's cooperation was emphasized by Dr. Garamvölgyi György, Director of Schöpf-Mérei Ágost Hospital. In 2003, 7024 cancer tests were made in the Budapest hospital, identifying 39 cases of cervical cancer. The colposcope is an important tool of gynecological screening; it is used for examining the cervix and its surroundings. Relatively few Hungarian hospitals have devices using up-to-date technology and giving a high-resolution picture. "The video-colposcope has a great advantage: its built-in camera can store the picture, so it is possible to monitor the recovery or deterioration process, to record and archive results. In this way, medical findings can be queried many months later or from another hospital via the Internet," said the Hospital's Director. Through its donation activities, Matáv as a responsible corporate citizen considers it extremely important to participate in supporting health and social organizations in need of help, expressing in this way the Company's sensitivity to social and community problems. The Board of Trustees of the program "Matáv Adds" decided to support the application submitted by VITAL-MED Foundation helping cancer patients; its aim was to develop Schöpf-Mérei Ágost Hospital's equipment. "We give a high priority to the solution of health problems. In all cases - and in this case, too - we have been striving to give efficient and concrete help to people in need," said Matáv's Chief Officer Zoltán Tankó.
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