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This year’s beaver classes finish tomorrow
16-02-2011 commerce/OBI source: PeppeR

2300 pupils participated in this year’s program of OBI and WWF

This year’s last beaver class will take place tomorrow. The "school year" of OBI Hungary and WWF Hungary started the 11 January in Gyöngyös and comes to an end the 16 February in Sopron. In the course of 5 weeks 2600 primary school students learn about the beaver, the largest rodent in Europe, which means that by now well over 20.000 children can boast about having met the beaver. Store visitors are also free to join the classes. The 45 minutes interactive environmental classes are held by the experts of WWF, in 20 OBI stores of 19 cities.


This year’s beaver classes have met the same outstanding interest as in previous years. OBI Hungary considers this, as well as the winning of a prestigious CSR award, as the confirmation of its dedication to grow a new, environmentally aware young generation. The experience of the organizers is confirmed that the students are especially open to those occasions that are held beyond the scope of the traditional classes and which allow the detailed learning of a given subject. This is confirmed further by letters written by teachers about the impressions and experience of the children.

"... Every year we are happy to use this chance of participating in beaver classes. It is so popular that in our city even 2 days would not be enough. It is the 3rd grade pupils who participate as they are the ones learning about life at the waterside. My colleagues returned by saying how much useful information the children gained. The presentation is outstanding and we are very happy that the relation to nature can be improved so much. ..."

"...The beaver class is a unique opportunity to have education outside of the traditional class room. The unusual location, the unusual lecturer and the unusual topic is a guarantee that the curiosity of our children is awaken. We would love to participate in similar further opportunities..."

"... The beaver class is a good example of how to teach serious things easily, such as the characteristics of the beaver, the dangers threatening them and how to protect them. It is important that they not only hear about the animals but they can touch a full size preparated model as well as its tail and foot. By hearing, seeing and touching at the same time the knowledge about their life and their role in nature is implanted deeper. We hope they will become grown ups for whom nature protection remains vital..."

9-13 year old children participated in this year’s classes and, as in previous years, the classes welcomed mentally and visually impaired participants as well. The lecture, combined with showing of film, getting acquainted with beaver traces and the frequent questions and answers eased the process of learning considerably. Those who could not participate in the classes can join in from their computer through the WWF site ( as well as watch the film about beaver reintroduction program.

Participating classes can fill in a beaver quiz to test their knowledge and win prizes. Parallel to the classes WWF launched a poem writing competition to which any child can send their creation. Certain stores announced additional drawing competitions among children having visited the store. These competitions aim that the children could freely launch their fantasy and creativity.


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