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Convenience and environmental awareness are the key aspects of the latest OBI store
28-02-2011 commerce/OBI source: PeppeR
According to the plans OBI will open its so far most confortable store in the framework of the KÖKI Terminal project. The surface of the new, 2 storey building, located on the border of Kőbánya and Kispest will exceed 11.000 m2 and will therefore be of similar size as the Budapest stores in Albertfalva, Soroksári and Fogarasi streets. Thanks to the direct underground, rail, local and distance bus connection as well as the underground parking possibility the store will have the most convenient access for both those with public transport or their own car.

A complex set of environmental aspects have enjoyed priority when planning the latest OBI store. Thanks to the tubes and cupolas serving as light traps the store enjoys ongoing natural light which not only decrease the need for natural light but create a more friendly atmosphere to both customers and store employees. The technical operation of the OBI store is fully based on computerization. The system allows a number of energy saving solutions as the ventilation, the heating and cooling system as well as the optimalisation of lighting is executed by software. During the selection of the operational equipment energy efficiency and the minimalisation of detrimental environmental effects served as the primary aspects. In the case of heating, due to the distance heating solution, no local pollution is done which serves the preservation of the local environment. Mid summer cooling needs have also been considered strongly. This is especially crucial in the case of the garden area, of the store as, being the largest garden area of its kind in Hungary, the cooling of huge glass surfaces needs to be arranged. For this reason the glass areas are covered with special “heat stop” material. This solution decreases the feeling for heat, increases the feeling for confort and reduces considerably the burden on the cooling system.

The spring and summer weather is more and more characterized by large volumes of sudden rains. The new OBI store is planned not only to drain but also to utilise rainwater. Presuming that in a matter of few minutes 10 mm of rain can easily pour down on the OBI store, bearing in mind the large surface, this means the immediate need of leading 600 m3 of rainwater in a matter of short time. In order that this water does not cause flooding in the local area, three large water reservoirs have been set up under the external parking area. Consequently, a daily watering need of the garden area, exceeding 15 m3 daily, can be covered from these reservoirs. Again, this solution decreases both the operational costs and the use of the local water system.


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