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Protection of intellectual property is more topical than ever
23-04-2010 IT/BSA source: PeppeR

The „warezking” case is just the tip of the iceberg

The world celebrates the 10th Intellectual Property Day the 26th April. The Business Software Alliance (BSA), the Foundation for the Protection of Copyright of Audiovisual Work (ASVA) and the Association of the Copyright (ProArt) agree that both the awareness about copyrights and its increased protection should be raised.


On the occasion of the Intellectual Property Day, three industry organisations, BSA, ASVA and ProArt draw the attention to the importance of copyrights. Violation of the copyrights and the widespread presence of counterfeiting continue to hit authors, artists and owners of the copyrights while at the same time create a range of negative economic, cultural, moral and social effects.

"The investigation brought to the light last week by the National Investigation Office (NNI) regarding the "warezking" case reinforces our experience that the authorities continue to exercise considerable efforts to decrease violation of the copyrights. According to the information released by NNI the biggest such case in Hungary imply that a group of people committed large scale counterfeiting and sales of illegal software and audiovisual products, causing estimated damages of over 2 billion forints (7.7 million euro). Upon the raid a year ago, the police seized data of about 230 terabyte. All this makes it clear that we are not speaking about a case of a simple mistake or unintentional violation of the law, rather the opposite." – commented Dr. Katalin Szamosi, head of the S.B.G.K. law firm, representing BSA legal issues.

"The "warezking" case is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the spectacular such cases the authors and the creators of intellectual pieces of works are hit by the violation of the law on a daily basis. We, as humans, are all proud of what we create and this is the same for the creators of intellectual property. Nevertheless, many people are not aware that they kill creativity if they let space for stealing. If one truly wants to let the creative spirit flourish, one should honour the intellectual property of others. This can not be achieved without widespread cooperation within the society." – explained Dr. Péter Horváth, director of ProArt.

Industries based on copyright law are worth to be protected as they fulfill an important role in the Hungarian economy. The output of the copyright based industries may be close to 10% of the total performance of the Hungarian economy and provide employment for many hundred thousands. Within the copyright based industries primary branches such as film, music, other arts and the software sector take a central role.

Within the framework of the Intellectual Property Day most countries combine celebration of the creative mind with drawing the attention to the dangers that hinder the creative process. The complexity as well as the similarity of the problems is well reflected by the online poster exhibition, recently opened by the Wiorld Intellectual Property Organisation. This exhibition is also a proof that only wide international cooperation can ensure continued innovation and protection of intellectual property.

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