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New Chair Heads BSA Hungary Committee
25-03-2010 IT/BSA source: PeppeR
New chair heads the Hungarian Committee of the Business Software Alliance (BSA). As from now, the Hungarian activities of the organisation of the largest software manufacturers are directed by dr. Gergely Dzsinich, intellectual property lead of Microsoft Hungary.

"Strengthening of the creative industries and the protection of intellectual capacities is key for the future of both Hungary and the companies that operate here" – commented dr. Dzsinich, recently elected chair of BSA. "This is one of the basic steps and guarantees of the business use of creative intellectual power. Software, as well as all other intellectual products need the systematic and dedicated enforcement of the legal regulations on behalf of the authorities and all those asserting the law. We cannot be satisfied with the fact that the rate of illegal software has remained unchanged at a level of 42% for years. Companies operating legally should receive support, while as strong actions should be taken against those that violate intellectual property. BSA provides full professional support to the authorities in their fight against counterfeiting. We are convinced that more can and should be done. With more effective action, it is realistic to expect that the rate of illegal software could be decreased to the current EU average level of 36% within a few years."

A chair of the BSA Hungarian Committee is 32 years old, finished his legal studies in Budapest and Salzburg. He finished further studies with Cambridge University and the law faculty of Pécs. He is currently lecturing infocommunication legal studies at the Pécs University. He did his attorney practice with the S.B.G.&K and the Bérczes Law Offices, worked at the Munich based European Patent Office and the Hannover based Görmann Law Office. Since the summer 2009 dr. Gergely Dzsinich has been working for Microsoft as its intellectual property lead.


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