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OBI Gyöngyös store opened
01-04-2010 commerce/OBI source: PeppeR
With the opening of the Gyöngyös store OBI celebrates its 25th unit in Hungary. The Gyöngyös store is intended to become the home improvement and DIY center of the town and the Mátra region. The choice within the 8.300 m2 store, as well as the long term low prices and the highly skilled team all live up to OBI’s market leading position. The Gyöngyös store awaits its visitors with a choice of many ten thousands of products, finalised according to the local needs, as well as with a well trained team of 70 people.

The construction works of the 25. OBI store, opened the 1 April, started last November in Gyöngyös, along the Pesti út. The new, state-of-the-art DIY store will cover a total of 8.300 m2. OBI Hungary, a clear market leader on the Hungarian home improvement market, has high hopes related to this new outlet.

"After the opening two weeks ago of the Keszthely store, we ourselves were also very excited about the launch of our new store in Gyöngyös" – commented Christoph Wackerbauer, managing director of OBI Hungary Retail Kft. "Recently the introduction of our redesigned merchandising concept met with great success and we are convinced that our Gyöngyös consumers will also welcome it positively. As a result of this we are able to offer an even wider choice and a better overview for our customers. This will definitely underline our strength in the wide product range, worthy to the market leader of the home improvement market in Hungary. Product arrangement and merchandising all underline that OBI is the primary partner to the customers in their home improvement activities. Our research tells us that many locals are waiting for the arrival of OBI, as they know well its choice, customer focused service and competitive prices from our stores in Eger, Szolnok or Budapest. From now on, Gyöngyös people will not need to travel to another town if they intend to improve their flats, homes and gardens. The opening of our 25th store and the renewed merchandising concept reinforces our position as the number one choice of all needs related to home improvement." – said Christoph Wackerbauer.

OBI products traditionally cover 4 areas: living, tools, construction and garden. In the new OBI store everyone will find their likings, be it hobby visitors or professionals, builders, renovators or weekend garden carers. The new store will have permanent displays showing, among others, DIY machines, garden tools and bathroom equipment, as well as boast of a number of customer friendly services, such as bank card payment facility, home delivery, cutting to size and paint mixing.

"We are confident that our trade, pricing and communication tools that have granted our market leader position, will prove successful here, too. We also believe that we will be able to gain a large number of new, loyal customers. Many residents of Gyöngyös and the surrounding region plan the improvement of their homes, refurbishing of their flats or the renewal of their Mátra gardens and vineyards. As spring is here, the relaunch of the weekend houses and plots is more actual than ever. Being the number one such store in Gyöngyös, we aspire to meet the needs of all these customers. Regardless of the budget they have, in our store they are assisted by a wide choice, low prices and an attractive, costumer focused environment. While those, who need advice, can consult any of our 70 strong team or the professionals recommended by them." – said Gyöngyös store manager, Ildikó Rétegi.

OBI opened its first store in Hungary in 1994. With the largest number of stores, 6 in Budapest and 18 in the countryside, offering a total of 181.000 m2 sales space and 1870 employees. Last year the chain welcomed 16 million visitors, out of which 8,3 million become customers. Of the DIY market players, OBI received first the Superbrands award in 2004, to be repeated in 2008. This has once again reinforced OBI’s position among the best known and appreciated brands.


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