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URSA-Uralita announces the closure of a glass wool factory in Salgotarjan, Hungary
27-03-2009 construction materials/URSA source: PeppeR
The Hungarian general economic situation has deteriorated quickly in the past months, especially in the building sector, and as consequence demand in the region has greatly decreased. Against this backdrop, URSA has decided to stop the activities of its oldest glass wool factory, located in Salgotarjan with a capacity of 13,000 tons, thus allowing for the optimization of its production network.

URSA Hungary Commercial Organization will be completely unaffected by the plant closure and will continue to support its customers with the best service and high quality URSA products from other European plants.

The company currently focuses on communicating and consulting the proposed changes with its employees. URSA's responsible practices will ensure that the entire process will be conducted in accordance with all local and European norms.

Notes to editors:

URSA GLASSWOOL is a high-quality and cost-effective insulation material, produced with the most advanced technology. It offers a high level of heat insulation, coupled with outstanding sound insulation properties. Due to the inorganic nature of its raw materials (mainly sand), it shows an extraordinary resistance to fire. These characteristics make it an ideal material for thermal and sound insulation of construction applications such as pitched roofs, partitions, cavity walls and ceilings.

URSA GLASSWOOL ranks among the top insulation materials in terms of their respect and protection of the environment. The energy savings generated by URSA GLASSWOOL products in their end application far outweigh the energy required for their production and installation; therefore URSA GLASSWOOL presents a most positive energy and environmental balance.

URSA Insulation S.A. is the insulation division of Madrid-based Uralita and one of the leading suppliers of insulation building materials in Europe. It currently operates nine glass wool plants and five extruded polystyrene (XPS) ones, located in major European countries.

Founded in 1907, Uralita (ticker URA) celebrated in 2007 one hundred years providing highest quality building materials for the construction markets. In 2007 Uralita posted sales of euro 1.1 billion. The Group currently operates in 35 countries with a network of 38 production plants and 4,059 employees.

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