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Cadbury announces a new distribution model in Hungary
28-11-2008 food/Cadbury source: PeppeR
Cadbury, one of the global leading confectionery companies, announced today important changes in its distribution model in Hungary. The company has announced the proposal to change the way it distributes its products in Hungary, and to work with a distributor who will be responsible for selling Cadbury's brands in this market from 1st January 2009.
  Over recent years Cadbury has invested in building the position of its branded products, such as Halls in the Hungarian market. This move will consolidate and build on this strong product base by enhancing the efficiency and reach of Cadbury's product distribution. This, in turn, will ensure the business has a strong platform for sustained growth and profitability over the medium to long term. The proposed change would mean that Cadbury would no longer have offices in Budapest and that the company will exclusively operate in this market through a distributor. Nowadays, Cadbury employs around 40 persons in this market. Our focus at the current time is now on communicating and consulting with these colleagues.

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