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Problems of globalisation have local angle
11-12-2006 government/Office of the Hungarian Parliament source: PeppeR
The integration of Balkan countries is of high interest for Hungary. The closing event of the "Discussion for our European development" series of conferences on various European aspects, hosted by the Hungarian Parliament and the European Parliament, took place in Szeged.
  The conference focused on various aspects of internal security of the European Union, including immigration, border control and fight against organised crime. Participants agreed that the effects on globalisation do no stop at the borders - the task of politics is to ensure proper, long term development of the country within this framework. Migration and immigration issues need to be handled with this in mind. Hosting city, Szeged and the whole region of South Hungary is in a unique position as it will continue to serve as the southern border of the European Union. Development of systems and the affiliation to the Schengen agreement will provide the required security, which needs to matched with the ongoing development of regional ties with neighbouring non EU members Serbia and Croatia in the south, and Ukraine on the east. Regarding the issue of organised crime, it is a challenge for all European countries. It can only be handled with coordination of local, national and European efforts. The conference series of the Parliaments came to an end in Szeged. Findings and conclusions of the conferences will be summarised in a volume of essays, to be published in 2007.

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