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No European development without dialogue
02-11-2006 government/Office of the Hungarian Parliament source: PeppeR
The European Parliament and the National Parliament launch conference series In order to increase citizen confidence, the European Parliament and the Hungarian National Parliament launch a nationwide conference series. The conferences aim at creating awareness about the fact that within the European Union parliaments are the main centres of democracy. These are the bodies setting direct link between the citizens and the institutions of the EU. Within the next few weeks 7 events are organised in 7 cities of Hungary, to facilitate citizens and members of parliaments exchange opinion on relevant economic, social and cultural issues.
  Following the opening event in Budapest, the 6 regional events focus on the following topics: - Culture within the European Union (3 November, Pécs) - Agriculture and regional development (10 November, Sárospatak) - Competitiveness and small and medium enterprises (17 November, Keszthely) - Youth and employment (24 November, Veszprém) - Infrastructure development - traffic and environmental protection (1 December, Debrecen) - Security: immigration, border control and fight against organised crime (8 December, Szeged)

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