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Strict sentence for software piracy
11-12-2006 IT/BSA source: PeppeR
Software pirate sentenced to 10 months by court of first instance For violation of the copyright law the Budapest XVIII. - XIX. district Court handed out a 10 months jail sentence and a 2 years ban on public matters to a recidivist private individual. According to the judgment, the culprit carried out a 29 case, businesslike breach of the copyright law. The culprit cannot be released on probation.
  The decision of the Court is in line with the legal framework which allows up to 8 years imprisonment in this category and follows the practice of the European Union urging strict handling of cases where the copyright law is broken. Recently, Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the police have increased their efforts to cut sales of illegal software. Copyright violating activity plays an important part in having yearly hundreds of billion forints flowing over to the black economy, reducing tax income by 30 billion forints and losing thousands of IT work places. (1) BSA works hard to educate business owners and directors about the consequences of using unlicensed software, yet still finds companies engaging in the financial and legal risks that unlicensed software carries. While education and awareness remain BSA priorities, piracy enforcement is necessary to deter business from using software illegally by demonstrating that the software industry is serious about protecting its intellectual property. (1) Based on the 2006 IDC economic impact study and on a 10% decrease in software piracy.

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