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The production of new generation tape cartridges for HP has been launched
15-06-2006 electronics /Flextronics source: Flextronics - HP
In a joint press conference, HP and Flextronics presented to the press mid-June HP's new generation data storage media devices. At the event, held in Flextronics' Zalaegerszeg factory participants detailed the several years' cooperation of the two companies and the milestones in the Zalaegerszeg-based production of HP data storage media.
  Next, the newest products representing built-in state-of-the art technology (4th generation, full-height LTO tape recorders and their 3rd generation smaller-size counterparts) were presented; and finally journalists could learn about cost-efficient solutions (DAT72 and DAT160 tape storage devices equipped with the new SAS interface) offered primarily to small and medium enterprises particularly sensitive to the price/performance ratio. Since the beginning of their cooperation in 2002 Flextronics has produced over 1 800 000 pieces of tape-based storage devices of 11 basic types for HP. For quite a while by now the respective production processes have been adapted to the EU's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) criteria described in an EU Directive which will become effective in the near future and shall ban from industrial production all raw materials which might - even to a small extent - be hazardous to human health.
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