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The construction of the 19th OBI store is finished
04-07-2006 commerce/OBI source: PeppeR
The latest store of the market leader DIY chain opens this year. Market leader OBI Hungary, with last year's turnover of HUF 47,5 billion, reinforces its position on the market, primarily due to its dynamic expansion policy. The latest addition to the chain will be the store on Fogarasi út.
  OBI's new outlet in Budapest's Zugló district shall go operative this year and step into the place of the chain's 10th district Kerepesi út store opened in 1995. The Fogarasi út unit will be one of OBI's new generation stores: both its exterior and interior arrangements and looks shall serve shopping comfort and the easy orientation of customers. One of the means to reach these goals is OBI's recently developed consumer information system. This shall be OBI's third double-level store beyond the units on Budapest's Soroksári út and Savoya Park. The gross area of the building is 13.390 m2 holding an approximate 10.000 m2 actual sales space, over one third of which will be dedicated to gardening.

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