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Flextronics started Lego production in Sárvár
21-06-2006 electronics /Flextronics source: PeppeR
650 people deal with manufacturing Duplo games. Hungary grew into a Lego-imperium. The fact was revealed to the wide public - including representatives of the regional and national media and city major Dr. Tibor Dénes - at the end of June in Sárvár. It was then that Flextronics' local factory launched the production of Lego's "Duplo" range, a toy family for kindergarten-age kids. By now, all new Duplos sitting on toy store shelves in any European country are definitely made in Hungary; and the Sárvár factory works on high gear towards the Christmas sales season.
  The news on the new production site was actually announced by Lego last December; and was first followed by a few months' trial production. Lego declared that they picked Flextronics and a member of its Western Hungarian Industrial Park, the Sárvár factory, as their new production partner because the Hungarian company is able to control all phases of production, packaging and delivery; and at the same time they dispose of one of the largest plastic processing capacities of the country. The Sárvár factory's staff was enlarged by 700 in the first half of 2006; and further recruitment is planned. The current staff size is almost 3000 which makes the company the largest employer in the Vas county.

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