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Flextronics has signed a cooperation contract with Budapest University of Technology and Economics
12-06-2003 electronics /Flextronics source: PeppeR
Flextronics, that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hungary, took a significant step on progressing by signing a long - term co-operation contract with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. With this move Flextronics has engaged itself to Hungary again, and strengthened its strategy in which beside the operation of the Hungarian company seats, the added high-quality products and services play an important role.

Peter Baumgartner, Flextronics Europe Executive Director and Dr Ákos Detrekői, Rector of Budapest University of Technology and Economics signed the official co-operating agreement that after many years of collaboration with unique units became an overall teamwork. Under the name of the agreement, Flextronics gives a helping hand in the development of experts, provides topics and support for a few projects on researches-developments of the University, provides an inspiring background for the experts who are able to apply and develop cutting edge technologies, moreover it helps the tutors and students’ of the University to progress their professional knowledge with financial and non-financial means.


Flextronics tends to create a flexible agreement with the University in which both partners find satisfaction in their ideas, future plans and also that provides a basis to realise their unique requirements, plans and ideas. The fundamental principle of  Flextronics’ strategy is to bring up the engineer-generation of the future, to create an expert team that is capable to fulfil the latest professional requirements in all circumstances. Due to this fact, beside financial support, Flextronics provides opportunity for professional experiments, topics of thesis and individual researches for the students of this Institution. This agreement is profitable for both partners because they mutually facilitate each others work and during processing and execution of the exercises.


Flextronics confirms with this signature that from its respect Hungary means an outstanding and significant strategic partner and it has long term plans in our country. Flextronics calculates on the Hungarian experts’ knowledge and relies on it globally as a primary condition for high quality performance; that is the reason why they made their flourishing relationship, after a few years, official.


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