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Vöslauer: growing consumption, growing reputation
20-10-2003 food/Vöslauer source: PeppeR
Because of this year's hot and long summer period the mineral water consumption in Hungary was grown. The Hungarian Mineral Water Association estimated that the yearly consumption would grow to 60 litres/person. Of course it is far away from Austrian consumption (85-90 litres/person/year) but experts forecast the shortly equalization of difference.
  "Vöslauer has been on the Hungarian market since spring and we finished a very successful summer" - said Thomas Freund managing director of Vöslauer Mineral Water Ltd. in Hungary. "The products of Austrian market leader are available in all supermarket-chains and we managed to put our products into main gas-stations as well. We organised a lot of sales-promotion activities in the summer to make the product well known and beloved. I can tell that our endeavour was auspicious." Focusing on innovation and well-being In Hungary, Vöslauer mineral water appeared in shops in 0,5 litre, 1,5 litre sparkling and still forms in PET bottles. The unique 0,75 litre sport bottles with sport-cap is in still form. Beside the content Vöslauer is continuously focusing on the new innovation technologies. The engineers of the Austrian company solved the opening problem of bottles. Vöslauer has a patented invention, an easy-open lid with which to open a bottle could not be a problem any more. The new and soft handle on the 6-packed 1,5 litres Vöslauer another novelty. It makes easier and comfortable to bring the heavy package without hurting the hands. For avoiding sportsmen's achievement loss and to provide a continual liquid compensation, Vöslauer has developed a 0,75 litre bottle with sports cap. Since it contains still water it is suitable for any kind of sport activity. Water is our basic element - like Éva Risztov has Vöslauer has a strong commitment to the healthy lifestyle, well-being and close contact to the field of water and swimming. This is why Franziska Van Almsick was chosen as official face for international advertising campaign. In Hungary, Vöslauer signed a long-termed sponsorship contract with young and talented swimmer Éva Risztov. Éva showed a fantastic performance in Barcelona World Championship in July by winning three silver medals. After a short summer vacation Risztov Éva started her training to her next race: the short-pool European Championship, which will be placed in Dublin, in the middle of December. Besides swimming Vöslauer is the official mineral water distributor of this year's Vienna-Budapest Supermarathon running event. The international race will start in 19 October in Vienna and will finish in 23 October in Budapest. Beside the close cooperation between Austria and Hungary Vöslauer would like to attract attention to the importance of qualitative and quantitative liquid intake. It would be a critical factor during a distance like 352 kilometres long supermarathon. Sparkling successes in Austria The innovation effort of Vöslauer is verified by business success. The Vöslauer Mineralwasser AG achieved a fantastic record in Austria in August by selling more than 30 million litres mineral water per month. It is a nearly 45% grow comparing to result of last year’s same month, which was 21 million litres. The market leader enlarged its share to 38,6% in Austria during the first half of the year. This result means 15% grow compared to the result of last year’s same period. News, photos, information - Vöslauer in Hungarian Vöslauer launched its Hungarian homepage in October. Similarly to the wave-design of bottles the homepage is pretending undulation of water. Among other things the visitors could read about product information, the history of Vöslauer spring and importance of liquid intake on the spectacular pages. The latest press releases and press information with their downloading possibilities ready to support the work of journalist as well. The site is available on "We rely on that the homepage could support our effort to make Vöslauer is a well-known brand in Hungary. We rely on that the mineral water consumption will grow continuously and the products of Vöslauer will be available everywhere for everybody in Hungary as well." - gave voice to his confidence the managing director Thomas Freund.
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