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Flextronics opened the first electronics apprentice workshop in Hungary
15-02-2008 electronics /Flextronics source: PeppeR
Following the work of close to one year and an investment of 150 million HUF the first electronics apprentice workshop of the country was opened today. The institution inaugurated in the Zalaegerszeg Industrial park of Flextronics International Kft. provides the opportunity to 54 students to gain high level practical knowledge. The biggest value of this unique workshop is that the curricula, the machinery, the equipment and the software is developing together with the industry. Consequently, the graduates are able to master the high technology knowledge at Flextronics during their training process and will definitely be able to provide high level performance during their work.

The inauguration of the apprentice workshop was attended by Dr. Endre Gyimesi, Mayor of Zalaegerszeg, Mr. Gyula Tarcsi, Coordination Secretary of State for the Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs and Mr. Nicolas Vil, Managing Director of Flextronics Zalaegerszeg, representing also the directors of the factory units operating in the industrial park.

Both the structure of Flextronics and its role on the market requires the performance of highly qualified workforce. This had been the reason why the management of the company decided to support vocational training through establishing the company electronics apprentice workshop and thus assist students acquire a market oriented profession. During their studies students get acquainted with the state of the art manufacturing tools, obtain up-to-date vocational knowledge, while the company advantage lies in facilitating acquiring their labor supply.

For several months Flextronics has been working together with representatives and leaders of the city, the local vocational schools and the Chamber of Industry to realize the program. With the apprentice workshop being established, students can do their second semester practical training in the Flextronics apprentice workshop. Mechatronics technician and technical informatics students of the Ganz-Munkácsy and the Deák-Széchenyi Technical College will be able to master the skills in the new establishment.

Since the beginning of the year Flextronics has been extending it workforce rapidly, with planning a total growth of close to 2000 employees in Zalaegerszeg, Sárvár and Nyíregyháza for this year. Through the establishment and the successful operation of the new apprentice workshop the company expects to contribute to the committed employment of highly qualified new employees.

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