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Matáv Supports the County Hospital of Szombathely with Two Million HUF - Another donation by Matáv to Markusovszky Hospital
22-02-2005 / source: Pepper
The responsible corporate citizenship program of Matáv, "Matáv Adds" donated two million HUF to Markusovszky Hospital of Szombathely, enabling the hospital to buy an essential item of gynecological equipment. The cardio-tocograph is one of the most important diagnostic tools before and during childbirth. This is not the first time that Matáv has supported the hospital in Szombathely; in 2000 the Company contributed assets worth one million HUF for use in treating cancer patients.
  In 2004 the Stem Cell and the Chance of Life foundations submitted applications to the board of "Matáv Gives Back" program. The main purpose of the Foundation is to provide assistance to health institutes to have an adequate supply of equipment, as well as to communicate the opportunities of using blood from the umbilical cord (stem cells) of mothers-to-be before childbirth, and to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Back in 2004, the Foundation and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Markusovszky Hospital of Szombathely, an institute holding a license from ÁNTSZ (State Public Health and Medical Officer Service) for collecting blood from umbilical cords, concluded a cooperation agreement on support for instruments. The hospital provides complex gynecological care as part of a public health screening program; in addition to about 1480 childbirths, 350 major operations and 700 minor operations, it is also in charge of outpatient and prenatal care. Besides therapeutic activities, the hospital also performs a variety of educational, scientific and professional support tasks. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was very much in need of adding the new diagnostic and therapeutic instrument to its stock. This makes the route of the patients faster and shorter, since the hospital treats patient not only from Szombathely and Vas county, but also from the service areas of certain town hospitals in Veszprém county. "The professional protocol requires that from week 36 the cardiac sound of the fetus must be examined by a so-called cardio-tocograph. This is one of the most important diagnostic instruments before and during a childbirth, which indicates the adequate status of the fetus within the uterus. At present several such instruments are in use at the department, however, high quality care requires upgrading the portfolio of instruments. The existing instruments are very old, they break down often. With the help of Matáv now we have really received an essential instrument," said Dr. Boldizsár Horváth deputy general director, expressing his gratitude. It is not the first time Matáv has supported Markusovszky Hospital. In 2000 the Company contributed one million HUF to the purchase of the electro-hyperthermic unit used to treat cancer patients. "From time to time we are confronted by the fact that the high quality health care provided by Markusovszky Hospital requires external resources. Matáv expresses its appreciation to the professionals working here by giving assistance with the upgrade and development of the equipment necessary for their work," commented Gyula Szabó, head of the "Matáv Adds" program.
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